Psychotherapy, also called talk therapy or just "therapy," is a type of treatment that focuses on helping individuals relieve emotional distress and symptoms related to mental health challenges. The process of therapy involves developing insights and awareness about one's self and life choices and the difficulties faced. 

Therapy is usually structured as a meeting between a therapist and an individual with a goal of either improving symptoms or aspects of an individual's life or building new insights and awareness about oneself which can lead to changes in one's life. It is important that an individual work collaboratively with their therapist in order to identify goals and progress made. 

Benefits of Therapy 

There are many benefits of therapy including improved mood, self-esteem and confidence as well as decreased symptoms of mental health symptoms, stressors and relationship challenges. 


What is Therapy?

What to Expect

Book a Consultation

During a consultation, you and I will discuss your goals for therapy, my approach and any logistical questions or concerns. This can help us determine if there is a good fit for ongoing support

Engage in Therapy

During our sessions will focus on building new insight and awareness about yourself, build skills and tools and work towards your goals.


Over time you will notice lasting changes within yourself and in your life. You will learn tools to better help you manage symptoms or develop new insights and awareness about yourself.